The Limits of (Social) Science

The American Psyhciatric Association has produced this position statement about “Same Sex Unions” (gay / lesbian marriage):

The American Psychiatric Association supports the legal recognition of same sex unions and their associated legal rights, benefits, and responsibilities.“Action Item: Position Statement Proposed by APA Committee on Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Issues Position Statement on Same Sex Unions (Approved by Board of Trustees, December 2000)

If prestigious organizations like the American Psychiatric Association can be so wrong in spite of their methodologies, then why is psychiatry, psychology and other similar social sciences being more and more employed by ISKCON? In greater society social policy and law is increasingly being formulated by professionals and academics who propound these grossly wrong, immoral conclusions. America and other affluent Western countries have already experienced the vicious effects of their influence.

Judging by the stated position and terrible influence of these so-called sciences, as devotees we should oppose at all levels the use of psychology, psychiatry and other similar disciplines as tools for shaping policy within ISKCON. Otherwise, it is not unreasonable to expect ISKCON to be misguided in the same way that its host cultures have been misguided.

(First published 17 May 2004)



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